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The Anabolic Nectar of the Gods

Milk is for babies Liger's Milk is the drink of the Immortals.

Ask any pro bodybuilder or world-renowned athlete and they'll echo in unison, the ultimate anabolic protein doesn't come from cows but from the teats of a Liger. Bred for their skills in magic, the Liger is the result of a male lion and female tiger breeding beneath a full moon during the winter solstice on the eve of the shortest day. It is under these specific conditions that the Liger reaches its full potency, yielding the highest concentration of anabolic steroids in its milk.

Buyer Beware: Recent sightings of imitational knockoffs have been reported, but independent tests have concluded that these are simply Tigon Juice, a far inferior clone offering zero anabolic effects. Only Liger's Milk Protein™ by Anabolic Mystique® is certified 100% pure organic and made with bits of real Liger, so you know it's good! Guaranteed to promote immediate power and magnificence. Go further, go harder, high five sharks and punch gorillas…Liger's Milk Protein™, unleash the Beast from within!


“never before has there been a product so powerful and effective that the world of bodybuilding is changed forever.


Grow your horn with Unicorn

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So powerful, so earth shattering, so anabolic it's illegal in 9 countries - Introducing the first of its kind: Unicorn Horn Velvet™ by Anabolic Mystique®. Everyone knows that Deer Antler Velvet is the world's strongest natural HGH boosting supplement on the market today…that is until now! What was once thought as mere fantasy, is about to go down in the annals of supplement science as a revolutionary compound that elicits all that is Mantastic.

Our secret lies within our proprietary blending process that activates the hidden properties within the alicorn. Hand mixed by nine virgins in the moonlight and blended with unadulterated unicorn meat, makes it the most bioavailable product of its kind. If your quest for building slabs of armor plated muscle is pure, then you're ready to try Unicorn Horn Velvet™: The Worlds' Most Sacred Anabolic Since the Dawn of Time.


Studies show that the Anabolic Mystique Stack is 739% Stronger than the most powerful banned Anabolic steriods!

The Science Behind the Myth

Scientifically engineered using magic and real animal parts, so you know it's good.


Quantitatively, it is possible to calculate the anabolic and metamorphic potential in a single cycle of the Anabolic Mystique Stack by using the equation above.

From this, we can construct a clear dataset depicting the comparative myotropic effects to anabolic steroids (Fig. 1), which demonstrably proves that the Anabolic Mystique Stack is over 739% more awesome than any other anabolic in the history of the entire world. Studies show 60% of the time, it works every time!


Look, this complex math stuff is probably over your head anyways.
Just look at the size of this guy!

“in just 4 short weeks I turned from a wimpy little, hipster dufus into the god Kronos himself!”

Listen I know what you are thinking. Some photoshop ninja went online and found some before and after pics and just slapped them in here and they expect you to believe this incredible transformation blindly.

Well you can believe that nonsense OR you can believe truth,that Ligers Milk contains a mystical hormone, that will transform you into a massive hulk man in one month! It's the holy grail of supplements.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

- John Smith
Ordinaryville, Ohio

The 4 Week Anabolic Mystique Stack
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